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Government figures contradict Mayor’s housing claims

  • Government figures show more affordable homes delivered in three years before Mayor elected than three years since
  • Even if 50,000 target is hit, figures show it won’t be a record

Jennette Arnold, London Assembly Member for North East London, has raised concerns about Mayor Boris Johnson of misleading Londoners as government figures contradict the Mayor’s key housing claims.

Figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) show that, between 2005–2008, 40,760 additional affordable homes were delivered in London. This is more than Boris Johnson claimed today to have delivered since he was elected (38,840).

The government figures also show that Boris Johnson’s target to deliver 50,000 affordable homes over his four year term won’t be a record. The Mayor said today: “we are closing in on delivering this record target of 50,000 new affordable homes”. But in the four years between 2004/05 and 2007/08, 51,080 new affordable homes were delivered in London.

Jennette Arnold, Local Assembly Member, said today: “The Mayor has consistently exaggerated the success of his housing policies, claiming again and again that this is some kind of record. But the government’s own figures show he is currently delivering less than his predecessor — despite record levels of investment — and that even if he reaches 50,000, it won’t be a record. He should stop misleading Londoners on such an important issue.”


Additional affordable homes in London 2004–2008

2004/05 10,320
2005/06 12,120
2006/07 13,380
2007/08 15,260
Total: 51,080

Additional affordable homes in Hackney 2004–2008

2004/05 390
2005/06 340
2006/07 550
2007/08 1000
Total: 2280

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