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Lord Pitt Award Winners

Lord Pitt Award Winners

The 5th Annual Lord David Pitt Lecture at City Hall, which I hosted in conjunction with the British Caribbean Association (BCA), saw two young people – Adam Jogee and Teisha Yo-Stella Bradshaw – receive the Lord Pitt Awards 2013.

The event celebrates the legacy of the late Lord David Pitt, who was one of the first black members of the House of Lords, and it provides a platform to recognise young people with Caribbean heritage who have given such outstanding contributions to their communities in their respective fields of work. This recognition comes in the form of the Lord Pitt Awards, which, each year, are presented to one young man and one young woman.

This year’s winners were Adam Jogee from Hornsey, and Teisha Yo-Stella Bradshaw.

Adam received the award for his outstanding contribution to his community through being active in local and national politics. He was the first Leader of Haringey Youth Council and is now standing for the Labour Party in Hornsey in next year’s Council Elections at the age of 21.

Teisha Yo-Stella Bradshaw received hers because, at the age of 27, she has achieved so much in the field of Biomedical Science, and is currently completing her PhD in Cell Biology.

Bruce, the son of David Pitt, was at the presentation of the Awards and was thrilled to see the legacy of his father, who fought hard for equality of opportunity for all, live on in young people today.

I am so proud to see Adam and Teisha being such terrific role models, and look forward to watching their lives develop and to see the gifts they’ll both bring to people now and in the future.