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Penny for London

Penny for London

Penny for London is a new charity donation scheme enabling customers to make donations using a contactless payment card. Customers can donate from as little as one penny for each day they travel on the TfL network. Donations go towards helping disadvantaged young people in London.

Penny for London will be expanding to retailers in the near future giving customers the chance to donate every time they make a purchase.

How does it work?

Donating is easy. If your credit, debit or charge card(s) has a contactless payment symbol, simply register your card(s) on the Penny for London website.

Choose how much you wish to donate for each day of travel or for each transaction at one of the participating retailers.

Then set your limit which ensures you never donate more than your chosen amount in any month.

Where do the donations go?

All the pennies go to charity. Initially Penny for London funds go to the Mayor’s Fund for London, a registered charity. The funds help disadvantaged young Londoners by giving them the skills and opportunities to get a job, escape poverty and play a full part in London’s future.