Jennette Arnold
London assembly member for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall
My Statement on Mount Pleasant

My Statement on Mount Pleasant

The Mayor of London’s decision to pass plans for the Mount Pleasant site without adequate provision for affordable housing was short sighted and infuriating. Islington and Camden Councils are absolutely right to ask for a judicial review of the matter.


The lack of affordable housing is a serious issue in Islington and yet only 24% of the homes set out in these proposals are affordable. This means that out of 681 new homes, only 183 will fall into the ‘affordable’ bracket. Islington and Camden Councils’ calculations show that the site could offer 40% affordable housing and still provide significant profits to the developers. Yet once again the Mayor has prioritised the building of luxury apartments ahead of homes that are within the reach of ordinary Londoners.


As the Government presses ahead with extending Right to Buy to housing associations we will see less social housing in Islington. With Londoners finding it increasingly difficult to find accommodation within their means, the Mayor should be doing more, not less, to ensure that developers build as much affordable housing as possible.