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Christian Kitchen brings the community together during Ramadan

Christian Kitchen brings the community together during Ramadan

Local Muslim residents joined the Christian Kitchen in delivering food to needy residents in Walthamstow during the holy month of Ramadan.


Christian Kitchen is a great local organisation which serves hot dinners to between 40-70 people every single night. All of the people they feed are either homeless of destitute.


It all started with a lady over 20 years ago who saw a man asleep in an empty garage.Like a good mother she wondered what he would eat and she cooked him dinner and left it outside the garage. The next day the food was gone.


This happened every day for a while then she asked if there were others like him who lived on the street with no hot food. When she found out how many, she enlisted the help of her church and also the YMCA.Today the YMCA is no longer involved but unpaid volunteers from over 15 churches of all denominations donate food and time to our worthy cause.


During Ramadan, local Muslim individuals and organisations joined the churches in feeding those who need it the most in Walthamstow.


I am so proud to be a Patron of such a fantastic local charity that is doing real practical things to help the poorest in our society, while also bringing the wider community together.