Jennette Arnold
London assembly member for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall
Massive rise in Islamophobic hate crime

Massive rise in Islamophobic hate crime

The 70% increase in Islamophobic hate crime is a shameful blight on London’s reputation as a welcoming, inclusive and tolerant city. The situation is made even worse by the fact that 60% of attacks are reported to be against women, at times in front of their children.


The Mayor has consistently attributed rises in hate crime to increased confidence to report. Yet behind every report there is a person, who is being targeted, abused, and living in fear of the next attack. Dismissing this as a statistical reporting rise without taking account of the human cost is entirely wrong.


These figures show the rocketing scale of the challenge. If, as the Met say, local policing is the answer, its time the Mayor of London recognises the importance of local neighbourhood policing and invests to ensure it is able to work effectively. The Mayor needs to take a lead and make clear that London will take a zero tolerance policy on such horrendous hate crimes.