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Celebrating Black History Month at the London Transport Museum

Celebrating Black History Month at the London Transport Museum

After marking Black History Month at St. Edmund’s Church in Chingford, it was an honour to extend the celebrations and host the British Caribbean Association’s event recognising the contribution made to London Transport at the London Transport Museum last week.

From the first workers who were recruited from Barbados in the 50s to the Black men and women working on the tubes, buses, trains and trams today, London transport would not be what it is today without the massive contribution of these workers.

For far too long black people, their history, and the contribution they have made to our country have not always received adequate recognition. Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to look back on the highs and lows of our history and sends a message to all that we have so much to be proud of.

Events to commemorate Black History Month are so valuable. They bring the history and stories of black people alive to the old and young, and whilst it’s important to look forward, we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to reflect on our shared past and contribution to London.