Jennette Arnold
London assembly member for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall
Still waiting for the night tube

Still waiting for the night tube

First it was September. Then the Mayor promised it would  be the Autumn. Now we’re told it won’t start until next year at the earliest. I’m talking of course about the Night Tube, the long promised introduction of all-night services at weekends.


Boris Johnson’s consistent failure to deliver the Night Tube to schedule is indicative of his lazy approach, announcing things to great fanfare but unwilling to put the work in to make them happen.


The latest delay will come as a major disappointment to businesses and Londoners who hoped that the service would be running by Christmas. The Mayor’s perpetual dithering over the project and his refusal to bring the dispute with staff to a close has meant the advent of the Night Tube is becoming an increasingly distant prospect. Once again Boris Johnson has proven to be all show and no substance.