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Islington Council is right to urge Arsenal to pay the London Living Wage

Islington Council is right to urge Arsenal to pay the London Living Wage

It’s fantastic that Islington Council are lobbying Arsenal Football Club to pay all of its employees the London Living Wage. Whilst the club already pays its direct employees the living wage, it’s only right that it does the same for contractor staff.

For some time Islington Council has led the way by paying its own staff the living wage and encouraging other organisations to do the same. But despite this good work, Islington remains one of the most unequal places in the country. No more is this inequality so stark as at the Emirates Stadium.

Earlier this year Premier League Football clubs, including Arsenal, received a £5.14 billion TV deal. Yes the players are the star catch, but the football club employees all have an integral part in ensuring a successful match day experience. After all, it’s the match day atmosphere that the English game is so famed for, and which draws interest from TV companies.

So many people work together to make Arsenal a hugely successful football club. It’s vital that all their contributions are recognized and that means ensuring staff are paid enough to live on in the capital. I urge Arsenal to follow the Council’s example and work towards ensuring all its staff, including contracted staff, are paid the London living wage.