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The Met must be adequately funded

The scale of cuts facing London’s police force will be made clearer in the coming weeks when the Chancellor delivers his Comprehensive Spending Review. However, with at least £800 million expected to go from the Metropolitan Police budget, we already know for certain that there will be challenging times ahead for the capital’s crime fighters.


London’s policing needs are unique, and they are rapidly changing. In recent times we have witnessed a rise in some of the most serious crimes, such as youth knife crime. We’ve also felt the extensive impact of government cuts, with more low level crimes, such as burglaries, going unsolved. It will be that much harder to address these worrying trends if we do not have the correct resources.


Serious decisions about the way our capital is policed will be based around the funding allocated to the capital and Londoners’ jobs and livelihoods are hanging in the balance. With so much at stake, the Home Secretary must deliver the necessary resources to ensure that London gets the police service it needs.