Jennette Arnold
London assembly member for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall
We need stronger local policing to tackle hate crime

We need stronger local policing to tackle hate crime

The events in Paris shook many people to the core, people of all faiths. Closer to home, the attempted arson attack on Finsbury Park Mosque has shocked the people of Islington. These cowardly acts of hatred have no place in London which prides itself on being a city where all are welcome, whatever faith, or personal creed.


Latest figures released show a rise in hate crime in our city. The Mayor has argued that these  increases can simply be attributed to increased confidence to report. We know there is more to it than that, and you’ll never tackle hate crime if you solely attribute any rise to increased reporting.


During these uncertain times, the role of local policing in strengthening community bonds is more important than ever. With cuts to the Met budget still approaching, Boris Johnson needs to fight tooth and nail to retain neighbourhood policing so that we can meet the rising challenge of hate crime in London.