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London needs a Labour Mayor

London needs a Labour Mayor

London needs a Labour Mayor – our city is too unequal, the housing crisis is out of control, transport costs are sky high, the quality of the air we breath is one of the most polluted in Europe.

8 years of a Tory Mayoralty has left us with soaring costs, a city falling behind other capitals, and a catalogue full of missed opportunities.

Do we really want to replace a Tory Mayor who just couldn’t be bothered, for another one who appears so lethargic you fell like shouting ‘please pay attention’?.

So, just imagine what we can do with Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan – More homes; Better transport; Action on making London a Green – Clean City; and Real equal opportunity for everyone.

The polls tell us that Sadiq Khan for Labour Mayor is in the lead. This shows that we can beat the Tories, our purpose – from one end of our great City to the other – must be to bring out the vote, lets do it, lets build One London – where we all share in our city’s success.