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My visit to Woodberry Wetlands in Hackney

On the 27th July I had the pleasure of catching up with Dave Mooney, Area Manager of the North London Wetlands, to hear how the Woodberry Wetlands in Hackney is coming along.

I have always been a strong support of this initiative as I believe that green spaces in London should be valued. We had a lovely time in the sunshine catching up and I was excited to hear about his progress with Walthamstow Wetlands.

Woodberry Wetlands is an operating reservoir, originally constructed in 1833 and closed to public access ever since. Working Thames Water, London Wildlife Trust has carefully built a urban wetland oasis rich in wildlife. Kingfishers dart across water, whilst reed warblers, bees and dragonflies buzz around the reeds. You’ll be amazed you are in London!

You can find more information about the Wetlands here, and check out my gallery of photos below.