London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall



On the tragic news that bus workers have lost their lives after testing positive for Coronavirus, I welcome on behalf of my constituents the actions being taken by the Mayor of London to keep them safe.

He said, “We have already put in place an enhanced anti-viral cleaning regime across the network, applied protective film to the Perspex screen of bus driver cabs to seal off holes, prevented passengers sitting next to bus drivers and are trialling middle-door only boarding on several routes bus routes.     

“I know staff are worried and many have asked for PPE. We are working closely with the trade unions. There are clearly issues in the supply of PPE, with hospitals and care homes reporting shortages, but I’ve also asked TfL to look into the availability of PPE stock for transport workers, in case advice from public health experts changes.”

The devastating impact of the virus has been felt by a number of my constituents. All of those who have stepped forward to serve on the frontline in the battle against the pandemic are true heroes.