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City Hall is working hard to develop and establish new structures to support Londoners and to improve the city’s resilience at this difficult time. Here is some useful information:

• How to cope with bereavement and grief during the coronavirus outbreak – Support is available for those who have not been able to say goodbye to loved ones they’ve lost to Covid-19. Find the GLA’s list of charities, helplines and online advice here.

• Pay it Forward London – Londoners can buy goods and services in advance from small businesses to help them stay afloat via the new Pay it Forward London page here. To help the thousands of small businesses at risk of collapse due to a lack of cashflow, please click here.

• Volunteering – There is a real need for volunteers in London at a local level, particularly around food banks. Please do visit the GLA Coronavirus volunteering portal. It connects people with: their local volunteer centre or CVS; their local authority who will also be coordinating offers of help from volunteers; local COVID-19 mutual aid groups.

• Employment Rights Hub – Many people are concerned about the financial impact of self-isolating or taking time off work. The Mayor’s Employment Rights Hub has the latest information about what people are entitled to. You can access the Hub here.

• Free advice from the Good Growth Hub – The COVID-19 page on the Growth Hub website has been updated with more guidance and information. There are multiple factsheets and guides on the Hub which can be accessed here.

• Information on COVID-19 for non-UK nationals – City Hall’s EU Londoners Hub has specific information for non-UK nationals on how they can access to healthcare, visas, the EU settlement scheme and employment rights and how they are affected by the crisis. The Information on COVID-19 for non-UK nationals page can be accessed here.