London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

Firstly Congratulations to the awardees who today received their Commendation Awards from Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Laurence.

I would also like to thank DCS Lawrence, as head of the BCU in Hackney, for his excellent leadership and for all of his endeavours to help make Hackney one of the safest borough in North East London.

Hackney is one of the three London boroughs I am proud to serve as their London Assembly Member at City Hall. So today, it was a pleasure to be with the BCU Leadership team and staff, Awardees, their families and friends; and other invited guests. 

The words and phrases shown below, were used in the citations read out to describe the exemplar courage and dedication of the awardees. I celebrate the fact that we have some of the most outstanding Officers of the Metropolitan Police Service working in the London Borough of Hackney.

Courage;  Risk; Harm; Hope; Honour; Threat; Keeping Hackney Safe; Saving Lives; Bravery; Acid Attacks; Knife Attacks;  Police Officers Running Towards Danger; Stopping Life Threatening Behaviour; Moped Crime; Community Safety; Death; Murder; Theft; Robbery; Disorder; ASB; Public Order; Met’s Drone; Serving London; Serving Hackney.