London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

Given my longstanding involvement in fighting for properly-funded and comprehensive fast broadband coverage across London, I welcome the recent intervention by Emily Thornberry MP, who called an adjournment debate in Parliament to discuss the crucial issue of broadband across London, which impacts particularly on parts of my constituency around Tech City.

As well as a host of Questions that I have submitted to the Mayor over a period of several years, I wrote to Andrew Campling, BT’s General Manager, in January this year to reaffirm my position that current and projected coverage of broadband fibre across London is simply not good enough.

I will continue the campaign to ensure that London receives the high-speed broadband coverage that a global city of its kind needs, particularly around the Tech City area of Hackney, and I’m pleased that my colleagues at Westminster are also joining the campaign and starting to rack up the pressure on the Government and on companies such as BT.