London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

I am so proud to launch the first in a series of reflections on prominent black people, starting with the life and work of a great man, Lord David Pitt. You can download a copy of the booklet here: Echoes of our past.

I have been inspired by the work of many black people throughout my life. But, I regularly meet others who don’t believe that positive black role models exist; or that black people have undertaken any significant achievements. As a special initiative through my office here at City Hall, I have planned a series of papers, which I hope will help rectify that situation, by bringing attention to a number of black people who have played key roles in shaping a better society. I wanted to take time to reflect on their achievements, and, importantly on their continuing relevance today.

I also wanted to ensure that we are all reminded of their significance. Their lives and achievements echo down the years and are lasting testament to the huge breakthroughs they made, tearing down barriers and inspiring future generations.

There is also an iBook version of the publication, which can be downloaded from iTunes.