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It’s fabulous news; John McAslan & Partners have received the prestigious Europa Nostra Award for their amazing design and transformation of the iconic Grade I King’s Cross Station.

For readers not familiar with this part of London, “Kings Cross Station was for many years a depressing place, despite its key role in the UK’s railway history and current network”.

The jury commented that “This restoration and inspiring new work therefore represents a transformation, both welcome and essential”. They were also impressed “by many aspects, including the reversion of the Booking Hall to its former use, the innovation of a pub/restaurant in the Parcels Office, (highly recommended) the newly-glazed and de-cluttered train sheds, and the new track under the restored functions of the eastern range. Most of all, they were uplifted by the exhilarating curves of the western concourse.”

A number of pictures taken by me at the opening event and during the busy day rush can be seen on my media page. Professional images taken by europanostra’s photstream are available at

I Love design and architecture that stops me in my tracks, and is a celebration of our extra-ordinary creativity. Every time I see the curves of the western concourse I get as excited as the first time I saw Antoni Gaudi’s amazing Sagrada Familia, go to