London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

Sulivan Primary School, which is facing closure by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, was chosen as the only non-selective school in that borough to receive membership to the Mayor of London’s elite ‘gold club’ of schools.

This came only weeks after the Mayor described the plans to bulldoze Sulivan School as “terrific” (video link).

Sulivan Primary School was chosen as one of 108 London schools to be classed as exceptional by the Mayor and included in his list of ‘Gold Club’ schools. Yet, the school still faces closure by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, despite being oversubscribed in its early year’s provision, and all at a time when we have a school places crisis across London.

I congratulate Sulivan’s teachers and pupils on achieving the Mayor’s Gold status, but unfortunately the Mayor’s right hand doesn’t seem to know what his left hand is doing. One week he wants to support his friends in Hammersmith & Fulham who want to bulldoze the school to make way for a Free School, and the next he awards that same school membership of his prestigious Gold Club.

The Mayor claims that he has no influence over education in London, but when he chooses to hand out awards to schools it is clear that he is committed to getting involved in education in the capital. By failing to act, he is letting down the children, parents and teachers of Sulivan Primary School.

The pressure is mounting on the Mayor to act after his Deputy Mayor for Policing and former leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Stephen Greenhalgh, opposed the move, and with Sulivan Primary’s campaign reaching the House of Commons last week.

I repeat my call for the Mayor to stop dithering and intervene to prevent the unnecessary closure of this outstanding school in Hammersmith and Fulham. He needs to speak up for Londoners in this area and pledge to do everything in his power to support Sulivan Primary.

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