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Today (29/1/2017) I read the excellent news story by Greg Hurst, Education Editor at The Times, entitled ‘Graduates head north to get on the property ladder’.

The story works for me on a number of levels. Firstly it’s references ‘Teach First’ an organisation that I have a lot of time for. So, I get the opportunity of saying thank you to Brett Wigdortz for his amazing achievement. Brett is the founder of Teach First, one of the Britain’s largest graduate recruiters for his work. This company has been responsible for placing a number of brilliant graduates into many schools across my Greater London Authority Constituency, covering Hackney, Islington & Waltham Forest.

Secondly, I have witnessed to the success of this programme – having had the priviledge of meeting with a number of the Teach First graduate trainee teachers. I also heard and saw first hand the difference that their contribution had made. At one school I visited the pupils spoke of how having a graduates Teach First trainee teacher of BAME heritage in their classroom, had changed their perspective of both learning and their ambitions. And because of this positive interaction many of them spoke of considering going to University.


Thirdly, I welcome Mr Wigdortz call for a big increase in school funding, saying that if Theresa May wanted to emulate Canada as a free-trading nation she should match its spending on education. Figures in this article show that Canada has increased its spending to an average of £7,496 per child, whereas in England the figure is below £5,000.  Fingers crossed she will listen to someone who knows what he is taking about.

Lastly, its got to be good news that our graduates are moving to the north, as the north – south drift has surely run it’s course for the many reasons expounded in Greg Hurst’s article.