London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

with Hibo


Moving London towards a Zero Cutting City


The campaign against the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) has gained significant momentum in the last few years. Positive steps have been taken to tackle FGM and the long-term aim is to prevent cutting taking place in London or abroad.

Eradicating FGM is a priority for London so it is important that the London Assembly comes together and takes a proactive approach to move London towards a zero cutting city. #NoFGM

Today it gave me great pleasure to host an event for London’s frontline practitioners at City Hall in London’s Living Room.

The conference brought frontline professionals in the public sector, with a responsibility to address FGM in London, together to share perspective, insight and best practice.

Key professionals from health, social care, education and policing set the scene and provided statements on their roles and responsibilities and the challenges and barriers to working better together.

This was followed by an excellent Q&A panel session with the frontline professionals.

This was followed by an excellent keynote address given by Sophie Linden – Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

Delegates then worked in small groups to answer a series of questions to inform and strengthen London’s response to FGM.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that he will not tolerate FGM, and that tackling FGM will be an important part of his mayoralty, working with health and education services and of course the police to end the practice.

The conference provided the Assembly the opportunity of hearing directly from frontline practitioners.

In providing this safe space for professionals to share best practice and talk frankly about the challenges and barriers to tackling FGM. The Assembly is now well placed to make bespoke recommendations that the Mayor and partners can take to strengthen London’s response to FGM and to move our City towards the goal of – A Zero Cutting City. #NOFGM

A Big Thank You – to all who participated in today’s conference, especially the Chair of the conference Hibo Wardere.

Hibo is a Somalian born campaigner against genital mutilation. She is also a Community Educator and Author.

Her book Cut: One Woman’s Fight Against FGM in Britain Today (ISBN: 9781471153983) is available from Amazon’s Book Store. It’s a Must Read……