London assembly for North East London — fighting your corner at City Hall

This week I wrote a letter with my London Assembly colleague, Tom Copley AM, to the Chief Executive of One Housing Group (OHG) urging him to withdraw the notice to quit OHG served to the Islington Park Street Community.

The Community has been a thriving place for low-income, mixed needs adults in Islington to live for the past 39 years. Many of the residents of Islington Park Street are vulnerable and rely upon the support of their neighbours who act like, and have become, an extended family.

OHG first served a Notice to Quit to the Community in 2009. A period of formal mediation between the residents and OHG followed and was working well before OHG withdrew from the process.

While OHG maintain that the more recent Notice to Quit, expiring on 5th July, is due to essential maintenance work, residents believe that their home and way of life is being threatened in the pursuit of profit. Residents are certain that the necessary works can be undertaken while they remain in the property and are willing to cooperate as much as possible with any works that need to be carried out.

I hope that OHG will be able to see sense and withdraw the Notice to Quit before Islington loses this great asset.